Come on a journey of exploration into the deepest and most hidden part of your psyche. 

Your 12th House reveals the innermost workings of your psyche, your "secret self".  Discover what you keep hidden, below the surface - maybe even unknown to yourself … 

Discover your potential hidden weakness, your inner conflicts, your patterns of sabotage; and then also discover the hidden strength of your 12th House, your precious, amazing - and probably untapped - hidden wisdom. 

Find out how to transform these old subconscious patterns, and be empowered by a new understanding of yourself.

Suitable for Foundation level upwards.

Your Secret Self

from the Masterclass series

This Masterclass explores the 12th House and its meanings. It takes a deep dive into the Astrology of the 12th House. How can we interpret planets and signs there? Using chart examples to illustrate the various placements, this Masterclass takes you on fascinating journey into the Mysteries of the 12th House.

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